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What is research cell?

Research Cell

Research Cell

Internet is probably the best place to research on any topic. However, it is a time consuming process due to the vastness of internet. Billions of websites are available online which makes it hard to find the targeted research material. Research Cell is a website which acts as a platform to share research material. If you have spent some of your time to research on some topic then please post it on allowing others to save their time which they had to spend to gather the similar data you have already gathered. In the same way, the research material posted by others will save your time as well as you will be able to find pre-researched material here.

How to post an article on Research Cell?

  • You can send your research material at
  • Please write in the subject “Research Contribution” or your email will be ignored by our spam filter.
  • Before you post here, please make sure that the data you are posting is written by you and is not property of some one else.
  • It should not be posted somewhere else on internet.
  • If you are embedding an image inside your article then please make sure that the size of your image is 200×150.
  • Make sure that the image you are attaching is not copyrighted by someone else.
  • To maintain the quality of researchcell, your research article will be reviewed by our team before it is published online.

Once approved, your research article will have global exposure and you will receive comments and feedbacks from other researchers.

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