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Resistors Their Types and Their Color Code Diagram

May 30, 2012 By: admin

In this tutorial I am going to teach you about resistors, their usage and functionality, types of resistors and how to read their color code. In addition to that I am also going to show you a very basic and simple circuit to practically explain resistor’s functionality. I am writing this article for beginners and […]

7805 Pin Configuration and Voltage Regulator Circuit

August 12, 2011 By: admin

7805 is an easy to use voltage regulator IC which output 5 volts and 1A max. It takes an unregulated voltage input which can be fluctuating within its input limits and converts this fluctuating voltage input into a perfectly regulated 5 volts power output. For example, a 12 volt lead acid battery when fully charged […]

7812 Pin and Circuit Diagram

December 19, 2010 By: admin

7812 is a famous IC which is being widely used in 12V voltage regulator circuits. Truly speaking it is a complete standalone voltage regulator. We only need to use two capacitors, one on the input and second one on the output of 7812 in order to achieve clean voltage output and even these capacitors are […]

Infrared IR Illuminator DIY

April 04, 2010 By: admin

Infrared or IR Illuminators are widely used to improve capturing quality of security cameras fitted in dark areas. Just like human eye, cameras are also not capable of recording movements in dark places but unlike our eyes, most modern cameras can capture infrared or IR light. For example, if you have a camera in your […]

Voltage Regulator Circuit

November 27, 2009 By: genius

Voltage regulation means to prevent the voltage from dropping down or rising above a specific value. A 12 volt regulator circuit will provide exactly 12V under load as well as without load. On the other hand, an un-regulated 12V power supply output voltage with drop under while the load will increase and will rise when […]