Infrared IR Illuminator DIY

April 04, 2010 By: admin

Infrared or IR Illuminators are widely used to improve capturing quality of security cameras fitted in dark areas. Just like human eye, cameras are also not capable of recording movements in dark places but unlike our eyes, most modern cameras can capture infrared or IR light. For example, if you have a camera in your cell phone and a TV or any other device’s remote control then you can do a quick experiment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Voltage Regulator Circuit

November 27, 2009 By: genius

Voltage regulation means to prevent the voltage from dropping down or rising above a specific value. A 12 volt regulator circuit will provide exactly 12V under load as well as without load. On the other hand, an un-regulated 12V power supply output voltage with drop under while the load will increase and will rise when not under load. For example, an un-regulated 12V power supply can output 14V when not under load and can drop the voltage to 11V when under 1A load and 10V when under 2A load. This rise and drop of voltage in un-regulated power supplies can sometimes burn sensitive electronics equipments. Read the rest of this entry »

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7809 Pin and Circuit Diagram

November 04, 2009 By: genius

7809 is a voltage regulator integrated circuit(IC) which is widely used in electronic circuits. Voltage regulator circuit can be manually built using parts available in the market but it will take a lot of time to assemble those parts on a PCB. Secondly, the cost of those parts is almost equal to the price of 7809 itself so professionals usually prefer to use 7809 IC instead of making a voltage regulator circuit from scratch. Before you start using 7809, you will need to know about the pin structure of IC 7809. Apparently, it looks like a transistor. It has three pins. For a better understanding, I have given an image of 7809 bellow. Please take a look. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inverter Circuit Diagram

June 02, 2009 By: genius

Power inverter is a very useful device which can convert Low voltage from a DC source to high voltage AC. The most common power inverter is 12V to 240V inverter. Perhaps that is because 12V batteries are common. This type of power inverter usually draws current from a DC battery. This battery should be able to provide a high flow of electric current. Normally lead acid batteries can server this purpose well. This current is then converted to 240V square wave alternative current so that we may empower those electric appliances which work on 240V instead of 12V. Inverter falls in the category of expensive devices so many people don’t buy them even they need them. What if I tell you how to build an inverter yourself?

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Potato Research

May 16, 2009 By: genius

Potato is widely used in Asia. For vegetarians, it is just like chicken. Potato contains low amount of protein. In Ireland, potato is more consumed instead of bread and rice. Potato has a good taste even in boiled form. It is not necessary to fry it. Because it is rich in carbohydrates, it can be consumed as whole food. Potato is a high calorie food so it can be used as a substitute of rice and wheat without affecting health. United nations have declared 2008 as the year of potato; the purpose was to spread the awareness about the importance of potato. Potato is forth biggest crop after rice, wheat and corn. According to a research conducted by international food and cultivation institute, production of potato in 2006 was 315 Million Tons. China is the largest producer of potato; Russia is second Read the rest of this entry »

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