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May 16, 2009 By: genius

Tomato is a tasty and beautiful fruit. Yes! Tomato is a fruit. Some people use tomato as a vegetable but actually it is a fruit. Many types of tomato are found in different parts of the world. The tomatoes from different areas also differ in color. Tomato has different shapes as well. It is found in round, oval and even apple like shapes. Research indicates that tomato is good to use in many diseases. Tomato is used world wide in many ways. It is an important part of Salad. It is favorite fruit of children. 150 years ago, tomato was considered to be a toxic vegetable. It was said that tomato can cause acid concentration in stomach but this theory is proved to be wrong now. Tomato has anti bacterial properties and causes production of fresh blood.
Tomato is not only used for eating purposes but it is also used as a skin tonic. Tomato has much more proteins and calories as compared to other fruits and vegetables. It is easy to digest. In Chicago, a health center conducted a research on the use of tomato as a food. Some children used tomato for a specific time, the results showed more promising results than one could imagine.  Tomato is very useful for under weight children. It increased appetite and corrects digestion functions. Tomato juice is also very good for health.
Scientists have found that some forms of tomato can be useful for cancer patients. Purple tomatoes contain antioxidant pigment called Anthocyanin which is very effective against cancer. Research is underway to increase the level of Anthocyanin within tomatoes which is good news for cancer patients. Anthocyanin reduces the reproduction speed of cancer cells and is also useful against some other diseases as well. If we eat a lot of tomatoes in the tomato season then we can overcome deficiencies of many important mineral in our body.

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Comment from Dan
Time June 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm

I am a fan of tomatoes and I like their taste and color. I want to add an information here that the skin of tomatoes should not be eaten because our stomach cannot digest it. Other than this, eat tomatoes as much as you want.

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