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April 02, 2009 By: alex

Quran is the Holy book of Islam. Muslims believe that it is the word of God. I have been researching on Quran and have concluded that it has some extra ordinary qualities. For example, many of the things mentioned in this book were not possible to be revealed 1400 years ago which modern science has revealed. I am stating some of my research points here.

“30- He made the earth egg-shaped.”
(79-The Snatchers, 30 )

“dahw” is an Arabic word which means rotundity like that of the ostrich’s egg. 1400 years ago, no one could know about the actual shape of the Earth. Even the books written centuries after the descent of the Quran resembled the shape of Earth to a tray like thing.

At two different places, it is mentioned that plants also have pairs and they have sexual properties.

53-“ And has sent down water from the sky. With it have We produced diverse pairs of plants. “
(20-Ta-He, 53)

3-“ …And fruit of every kind He made in pairs two and two. “
(13-The Thunder, 3)

It was impossible for some one to know such information 1400 years ago so it was extra ordinary information with respect to that age.

Now lets move to some highly technical information written in Quran which was impossible for any one to even guess.

“1- By the heavens and The Knocker.
2- How will you comprehend what the The Knocker is?
3- It’s a piercing star. “
(86-The Knocker, 1-3)

In 1967 Jocellyn Bell accidentally stumbled on a gravity time warp which was a million times greater than that produced by sun. The object she detected was continuously emitting pulses. These pulses were just like heart beats. At that time, such a pulsating object was unknown to exist in space. It was concluded that these pulse signals are being generated by intelligent beings of another planet. However afterwards scientists came to know that it was a spinning neutron star also known as pulsar or we can say “Knocker Star”. Now question arises how is it piercing? The answer is a single spoonful of matter taken from a pulsar would weigh billions of tons. So a small particle of this matter placed on earth will pierce it down to the center. Don’t you think this information is amazing?

Here is one more high tech information by the Holly book of Quran.

“104- On that day We will fold the heaven, like the folding of a book. Just as We initiated the first creation, We will revert it. This is Our promise. We will certainly fulfill it. “
(21-The Prophets, 104)

One of the latest and most famous theories of creation of this universe indicates that this universe is expanding like a balloon. It will expand till some extend and then it will revert back and this will be end of the Universe.

I have only posted some of my research points here because if I will include all of the research points here, it will cover hundreds of pages here. If this article interests you, I suggest that you should read the Translation of the Holy Quran with an open mind. You will find a lot more information within it.

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4 Responses to “Research on Quran”

Comment from Scholar
Time May 13, 2009 at 8:06 am

Yes, you are right. Holy Quran is the word of God (Allah Almighty). Any one reading it with an open mind will sure understand that it cannot be the words of any human being. It is from the God (Allah Almighty)

Comment from Nancy
Time May 23, 2009 at 10:32 am

Amazing. Yes, Holy Quran is from Allah Almighty (The one and the only God). Yes there are signs for those who are wise and can understand. It is only the mater of understanding. I invite every one to read the Holy Quran only once and I am sure he/she will be convinced if he will read it with open mind.

Comment from Râhid
Time May 19, 2013 at 5:39 pm

I think The Knocker may shooting stars or asteroid. theres more such words as in a verse it is told ‘the earth swims around the sun’ and also about the big bang and the black hole.

Comment from Albert Boz
Time September 6, 2013 at 11:00 am

Quran Dos not allow extreme capitalizm, slavery, , banking interest everything is carefully thought for in quran just as western system. IN this western lead world Quran is bound to clash with judea-cristian “values” therefore all Islamic lands under constant western invasion, some remotely dictated rest waiting to be silenced so the above mention” values” can make the rich, richer because they don’t believe after world.

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