Infrared IR Illuminator DIY

April 04, 2010 By: admin

Infrared or IR Illuminators are widely used to improve capturing quality of security cameras fitted in dark areas. Just like human eye, cameras are also not capable of recording movements in dark places but unlike our eyes, most modern cameras can capture infrared or IR light. For example, if you have a camera in your cell phone and a TV or any other device’s remote control then you can do a quick experiment.

Remote controls also throw infrared IR light which you cannot see but your cell phone camera will capture it. Just press any button of your remote control and see the that portion of your remote control where a small LED bulb is present, normally it is front side of your remote control. Now if you see it through the camera’s LCD display you will see that the IR LED bulb in front of your remote control lights up if you press any button of you remote control. Imagine if you have a lot of such bulbs grouped together and you light them up then your camera will be able to see clearly even without the visible light. Human eyes cannot see infrared IR light therefore infrared light doesn’t disturb sleeping persons as well.

In simple words, many infrared IR LEDs grouped together to throw good amount of IR light are called Infrared/IR Illuminator. You can easily build an infrared illuminator yourself at home with a little effort. You should have basic electronics knowledge on order to attempt this simple IR illuminator project.

Here is the infrared IR circuit diagram.

Infrared IR Circuit Diagram

Infrared IR Circuit Diagram

There is nothing difficult in this circuit. I have used 68Ohm and 1 Watt resistors in this circuit diagram. The Infrared LEDs are easily available from every electronics store. Some users have reported that they have successfully used 5 LEDs in per series which made the LEDs a little brighter however it is up to you, you can do some experiments by changing number of LEDs.

For fitting purposes, I used general wiring board available in the market and fit the Infrared IR LEDs in such a way that they make two circles. A large circuit and a small circle inside the large circuit. This gave the Infrared light a torch like effect by concentrating IR Infrared Beam in a small area. After the fitting, I cut the outside of the wiring board in a round shape and fit it inside an old Torch’s body. Now I use it as an infrared Headlight in my backyard along with my security camera.

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3 Responses to “Infrared IR Illuminator DIY”

Comment from naveen
Time June 27, 2011 at 1:12 pm

why cant we use any ir generators ?what special about thies ckt?

Comment from Ritchie
Time October 11, 2011 at 7:33 pm

No details on the IR LEDs used means this is about a helpful as a chocolate teapot.
I’m guessing from some quick maths that your particular LEDs are <2V forward voltage and current rating of <15mA.
This provides some questions of its own as IR LEDs are usually significantly more current hungry than normal LEDs being 50mA+ usually. If your IR LEDs are not of similar spec to those I've mentioned you may be driving them very gently indeed hence a 5 series being brighter.
Can you enlighten us on this?

Comment from Larry
Time October 4, 2012 at 12:55 am

thanks mate, this lots of basic infos.

can you please give us how much max voltage and current we should apply to attain the best result?

also if you can add a photoresistor so that it can automatically illuminate during night time.

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