How to Increase Laptop Battery Time

April 11, 2010 By: admin

Laptop computers are becoming necessity for those people who remain on travel. Secondly, there are some countries where power outages or load shedding is common and therefore people use laptops more often to avoid data loses and to keep working during power outages or load shedding. In either case, it is very important to increase laptop battery life especially when you don’t have access to power for long intervals and you cannot charge your laptop.
I have an IBM laptop which had a battery backup time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. This battery backup time was very short for me therefore I have done some experiments to increase this battery time and surprisingly my battery time went to almost double. Now I can work on my laptop for more than 4 hours with same battery. You can increase your laptop battery time too by using the tips written under.
1. First and most important tip is to decrease your laptop screen brightness. This is usually done by combination of Fn key with some other keys. You can find it in your laptop manual. Believe me this tip alone can increase your laptop battery backup time by more than 50%. I have done so and now even when I have connected my power socket I still lower the brightness as high brightness do nothing more than hurting your eyes.
2. Turn of Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Wi-Fi keeps searching for new networks and tries to send and receive a wireless signal which drains your battery a lot. Doing so will also increase your battery backup time significantly.
3. Don’t place any DVD/CD in your laptop drive when you are not using it. Your operating system often tries to cache/pre-fetch files on a drive and doing so on a DVD/CD drive will drain your battery which you defiantly don’t want. Try to avoid using DVD/CD while you are on battery, this will also increase your laptop battery time.
4. Remember to eject any USB device you have attached and you are not using. This affects your laptop battery time a lot.
5. Stay in a cool environment while you are on battery backup, that’s because the fans in your laptop start when they find it hot and switch off automatically when its cool. Staying in a cool place will result in less heat and the laptop fans will more likely to stay off which will increase your laptop battery time.
6. When you are on battery backup, put your laptop on Mute. This will disable any sound output and therefore will increase your laptop battery timing.
7. Try not to use multiple applications at the same time, close all those applications which you don’t use. Disable energy savers and use simple wallpapers to avoid graphics intensive processing by your graphics cards and microprocessor. This will significantly improve battery backup time of your laptop.
8. Most modern laptops come with power management feature which slows processor speeds automatically when possible. This also improves the battery timing of your laptop.
9. Lastly, setup hibernation feature of your laptop to 5 minutes or whatever time suitable for you so that it automatically hibernates after that time if not used.

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